Multistage Self Priming Boiler Feed Pumps

Special Features
Technical Data
Application  :

These are suitable for domestic water supply, boiler feeding, condensate water circulation, handling mineral and vegetable oils, free of abrasive material.

Boiler Feeding  :

A non return valve must be installed, to prevent ingress of dirty water from the boiler, into the pump.

Design  :

Segmental type, horizontal, side channel, self priming pumps, can handle liquids with entrained gases, fitted with vane wheel impellers. Both suction and delivery orifices showing radially upwards.

Bearings  :

Fitted with two grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings, and sleeve bearings flushed with the liquid handled.

Direction Of Rotation  :

Clockwise, looking from the driving end side.

Shaft Sealing  :

Conventional graphited and greased asbestos gland packing

Flange Connections : 40 mm To 50 mm
Capacity  Upto : 370 lpm
Head Maximum : 120 metres
Speed : 1440 r.p.m.
Flanges : Round Flanges

These Pumps are suitable for :
  • Domestic Water Supply
  • Boiler Feeding
  • Condensate Water Circulation
  • Handling Mineral & Vegetable Oils